Chris Hannah

@pimoore It's crazy to think that this is only just the beginning. I can't wait to see the next images that are produced.

@miljko I clicked on that link out of pure curiosity, and I’m now 30 minutes in and absolutely glued.

@rknightuk This post is prodding at some previously unexplored area of my brain that apparently likes the look of hand written brown paper envelopes.

@cdevroe Thanks!

@alpower Great! I hope it goes well. As for testing, I didn't really find a good way to do this myself. Apart from pushing code to GitHub, and then adding a custom theme, there wasn't anything quick about the process.

@alpower I can't remember which one I started with, but I originally used a minimal theme as a base for a theme I made called "Pure". From that theme, I then made "Fortis" and "Scribe" (All three of those are available as plug-ins). And this one I'm currently using is based on the Scribe theme. But it's been changed quite a bit now.

@trigonella Glad you like it! I was sweating for a second there, I didn't do too much testing on the bookmarks feature 😅

@mike That's interesting. I agree, having it built-in is much better.

@mike To be honest, if I think about the iPhone as a standalone product, there isn't much I'd want to add. I'm hoping for something new, rather than a refinement of an existing product.

@mike The one that comes to mind is the Samsung flip phone. But I guess I just want to see something different.

@la Maybe that's a marker of a matured delivery system 😜

@mejh I was having similar thoughts as well, although I didn't own an M1 Mac previously, I was slightly torn whether I could get away with the 13" Air/Pro, but decided I wanted the actual new hardware of the 14". The Studio Displays look impressive, I'm very jealous!

@JMaxB I can imagine!

@endonend No problem! What did you go for in the end?

@manton Thanks, I've registered my latest 2 themes.

@manton Thanks! Yeah that would be great, is that something I can do?

@pimoore Thanks! That's somethign else I need to watch haha, I haven't seen any of Micro Camp yet.

@pimoore Haha, I think I'll need to watch it then. Hopefully it doesn't make me spend hours finding nice custom fonts again.

@jimrea Oh yeah, totally agree. And I bet it's something no-one missed as well.

@odd Yeah, that's something I've never really understood. Even just having multiple audio channels would improve the iPad. I hate it when an advert on a website stops what's currently playing.

@pimoore Yeah they can be very tempting. Every now and then one catches my eye and I have to use it, but then that extra network request always itches away at my brain until I go back to a “standard” font.

@de Yeah, you’ll be able to add it as a custom theme via the GitHub repository. Not sure if it will be added to the “official” list of themes though.

@modomiro I totally agree. It has a whole different feel to it.

@pimoore Thanks. Yeah I think I'd agree, I've never really had issues reading text in serif fonts, but sans-serif can be a bit hit-and-miss.