Chris Hannah

@ChrisJWilson analog, but not Olympus 😜 Canon AV-1

@ChrisHannah the dessert was an ice cream with bienmesabe. Which tastes like sweet almonds, and turns out is a local treat of Gran Canaria/Canary Islands. I’m pretty glad they ran out of chocolate brownie now.

@matthewlang Yeah, this feels more like a travel diary/journal platform to me than Mastodon or other social networks.

@jatowler that’s probably a better way to put it. I guess everyone has their own version of a period of time where they can do anything they want. For me in the UK, trains are so easy it makes getting in a plane seem like so much of a hassle.

@joshua that's a great set of comparisons, thanks for sharing. I think from that, I like the look of the SE and the XS. I can see why the 12 Pro would be desirable for some people, but I think I'd prefer the others.

@mejh I didn't think of that, but that's true for me as well. It feels like more of a journey when you can see the progress.

@sod Thanks. I did notice I got a few follows on Twitter and Mastodon, so that may be related. Nothing else just yet. It would be interesting to see if my RSS feed is getting more attention, but not sure I can track that with a Ghost blog.

@skoobz I'll have to give it a look

@adders oh perfect! I wasn’t sure if a Ghost pro account would have access to all the settings and a custom theme.

@frostedechoes I'll definitely write it all up, hopefully later on today.

@mike It's been mostly fine for me, but I usually get into issues when travelling, and maybe i'm out for the entire day.

@AndyNicolaides No, this one is a personal one. I was too lazy to write it in a way that it could be used by other people.

@pimoore Thanks!

@gr36 At okay, so it’s pretty much the same thing. That is mostly down to doing its thing. All I did was use a relatively simple RSS feed template, but kept the title field permanently blank. The it just appeared. 🤷‍♂️

@gr36 I’ll have to write a full technical post explaining everything. But the main parts were defining a tag to use, and then adding custom RSS feeds to either include or not include posts with that tag. Although it also means adding a custom feed template, which I hope I did properly!

@AndyNicolaides Thanks! Yeah, I spotted a few things I need to fix, but I did a mini redesign the other day.

@KimberlyHirsh Well, I think I know what I now need to read again!

@manton That's true, "global" never does seem to scale well. But you're right, I think there's a lot of value in being able to discover relatively large numbers of people to follow. Maybe it can relate to Discover in a way, where you get a list of recently active people that post about a specific category.

@manton @andynicolaides I'm not sure how it would fit into, but I suppose a "global" feed, similar to what had may help? That way you can still keep a separate list of people you follow.

@mike Yep! I've switched the default app to be QuickTime now. It seems absurd that opening an mp3 means you want it in your Music library.

@ChrisHannah It was definitely just me. Turns out my Mac was playing all audio weird when connected to my speakers.

@martinfeld Not sure if it's just me, but the audio for this seems very glitchy. Even if I download the mp3 it has the same issue.

@mike Nothing specific, althought I love the colourful iMac. It's just the idea of using a desktop that seems appealing to me right now.

@ndreas I hadn't heard of it before, but it looks like a pretty good way to share photos! Obviously not a full Instragram replacement, but a minimal photography portfolio maybe?

@manton Oh yeah, I always had that thought as well that they surely couldn't be totally real. But it's sort of impressive the level people go to, to produce those videos.