Chris Hannah

A small change that will simplify my blogging workflow


I finally bit the (very small) bullet and did a minuscule amount of editing to my blog’s theme, to make publishing from Ulysses much simpler.

I used to specify source urls for linked articles with a custom field named “external_link”. Previously this was fine, because I’d publish via Workflow on iOS, so I could specify this perfectly fine. However, although Ulysses have a section to add a title link, it will add it to a custom field named “linked_list_url”.

For a while, I’ve just been using the action to open the Editor, pasting the link in the web interface, and hitting publish. But I’ve now slightly modified my the code to search for either value, and use whichever is there.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s nothing. But it now means I can do all my blogging inside Ulysses. Of course not including editing posts, but I rarely do that anyway.