Chris Hannah

Apple and Valve’s Steam Link App


At first glance, Apple rejecting Valve’s Steam Link seems like a bad idea.

However, I haven’t yet seen anyone with details about why it was rejected. I’ve seen “business conflicts” mentioned, however I can’t pay too much importance to any of the reports until I see at least the guideline that it didn’t follow.

If it does indeed break an app review rule, then you can’t really argue that it was rejected. But if, like many articles pointed out, there are other remote-desktop style apps already in the app store, and Steam Link is essentially just that, then these should receive the same treatment.

To counter that point, there is also the fact that we do not know the reason why it was rejected. Which means the reason could be nothing to do with the fact that it’s a remote-desktop app.

Also, approving and rejecting is a bit of a dick move. But more likely caused by human error.