Chris Hannah

I don't like using external monitors anymore


When I started my first job as an iOS Developer just over a year ago, I was really excited about my two 23” monitors on my desk. I had every app I’d need for the entire day open and visible for 8 hours.

The past month or so I’ve started to find myself disconnecting my MacBook to eliminate distraction, and it’s certainly working. I find it a lot easier to to focus on what I’m doing if I just have the one window visible.

I could probably just use the one monitor, and keep it minimal with one app always in full screen mode. But I think I just enjoy using a laptop more. It could be down to the fact that I’ve never owned a desktop computer before though, as for the last 10 years I’ve always used 13" MacBooks.

It feels right to me to do all my work on this small laptop, but it certainly sounds weird in my head.