Chris Hannah

Thinking About Apple One


I’m thinking about checking out Apple News+, and as soon as I saw the £9.99 subscription fee, I thought maybe now is when I should look into getting an Apple One subscription. Since I already use Apple Music, Apple Arcade, iCloud Storage, and Apple TV+.

One restriction is that there is only one Apple One plan that includes News+, and of course it’s the most expensive one. The Premier plan contains 6 services:

And for all of those, it costs £29.95 a month.

However, for the four services that I currently pay for, it doesn’t even come close:

So until July when I’ll have to start paying for Apple TV+, the difference between my current individual subscriptions and Apple One Premium, is News + and Fitness+ (which I don’t want) with an additional cost of £12.98 a month. I think I’ll subscribe to News+ directly for now then.

One benefit of the Apple One plans are that you get one month free. So I think I’ll create a reminder now to activate that in July when I’m at peak subcriptions.