Chris Hannah

My Reading System


I think I’ve finally found the reading system for me, and it’s all based on the GoodLinks app. The reading experience is GoodLinks is great, distraction-free, but with a few organisational options too.

My system is that I have two “inboxes” for things that I read, my email inbox, and also my RSS subscriptons. If I get a newsletter that I want to read later, i’ll add it to GoodLinks so I make sure that it’s read, but also doesn’t add any clutter to my email folders. The same applies for my RSS subscriptions, I treat my RSS reader as a triage system, similar to emails, where I may read small posts straight away, delete the ones I’m not interested in, and move the rest to GoodLinks.

It’s not just those links that go into GoodLinks though, as I regularly save articles from Twitter,, and variousother webpages via the Share extensions on iOS and maxOS.

I find that this method of moving everything into one place helps me not only keep track of what I want to read, but to also read more. Since I find having a dedicated place for reading, I can build up a decent collection of interesting content. And whenever I have time to read, I can grab my iPad, open GoodLinks, and I know there’s going to be something there that interests me.