Chris Hannah

Thoughts on WandaVision


After the hype of the finale, I decided that I would finally give WandaVision a go. I had seen some early clips and decided it wasn’t for me, but I had nothing to do today so I thought I’d binge the whole series in one go.

Without including spoilers, here are my overall thoughts of each episode:

  1. Painful
  2. Painful
  3. Slightly less painful.
  4. I think this could actually turn out to be quite interesting.
  5. Interesting but weird.
  6. Still weird, but I’m increasingly intrigued.
  7. The weirdest so far.
  8. An interesting turn of events. Things are starting to make sense. Probably the first time I became fully invested in the series.
  9. What an incredible episode.

Here were my thoughts after 7 episodes:

But episode 8 was when it really kicked into gear. That’s when I started to find it really interesting, and I was actually gripped for once. And episode 9 was absolutely incredible. These two episodes made up for everything I found boring in the first 7.

I’m actually now excited to see where the storyline continues.