Pure - A minimal theme for Micro.blog

After some final touches, my custom theme is now usable.

I’ve named it Pure, and that’s mainly because I wanted very minimal styling, and to have it be a pure version of a theme. For the benefit of it acting as a “starter” theme for people that want to maybe want to start tweaking a theme but don’t want to start from scratch. But also for people (like me) that sometimes just want a clean and simple blog.

Not that it matters to anyone else, but I specficially structured the HTML so that even without CSS, the site will look correct, and be totally readable.

It’s a single column layout, and it’s very bare-bones, which is by design. However, I’ve tried to style it in a way where it still looks relatively modern, while keeping a minimal feel.

For a full preview you can check out my microblog, and if you want to see the code or to use it yourself, then you can find the theme on GitHub.

Chris Hannah @ChrisHannah