Chris Hannah

Cursed Child Review


I went to see the Cursed Child play in London just over a week ago, and I planned on writing a big review. But that never actually happened, so I thought I’d at least write a short overview of what I felt about it.

Some context:

Thoughts (Potential Spoilers):
  • There were definitely ups and downs throughout the two parts, with it taking a while to get going.
  • In some parts it was a bit too theatrical for me (I know, it’s the theatre).
  • Some scenes from the film were acted out, but with a different tone and feel, even with some different characters in scenes.
  • The actors that played the main characters didn’t look the same as the film characters, which through me off a bit. For example, Dumbledore was quite short and tubby, Snape had a long face, Hermione had changed race, and Ron was tall and lanky, along with having a bit of a cockney accent.
  • Right at the end of the first part, I could sense that the story could be going somewhere good.
  • The second part was much better, although I felt that it ended rather abruptly.
  • Some parts of the story seemed rushed. As in one school year could have been missed with a toilet break.

Overall, I think that it was good. Maybe if I enjoyed the theatre more, then I would have liked the theatrical quirks, but they were lost on me.