Chris Hannah

Redesigning my blog for the benefit of readers


I’ve been reading a lot of blog posts online today, and one thing that struck me on quite a few of them was the readability of the page.

I found myself enjoying blogs that had rather minimal amounts of “stuff” on the page above the article contents. Instead of a big logo and a long list of navigation links, most of them had a small (but identifiable) blog title, a few links, but then straight to the post.

While I’ve been a fan of minimal layouts for a while, I always had the idea that I needed to have as many links as possible in my navigation menu. And my name had to be huge to make sure that everyone knew who the person behind the blog was.

But since doing a lof reading of others blogs, I realised that I was designing it for myself, rather than for any potential readers.

So based on this, I’ve made a few small adjustments:

You can view the new design on my blog at But here are a few screenshots:

No doubt I’ll be making a few more tweaks in the next few days, but I do hope that the new design is more usable for readers.