The way I want to separate my writing online

One problem that tends to crop up every now and then for me is how I separate my online writing.

Right now I have a main blog, a micro blog, and a dev blog.

My micro blog is more for life updates and more meta commentary, the dev blog has been used for updates on my personal projects. But the main blog has always been where the confusion comes from.

Sometimes, I want it to be a source of well thought-out posts, where I’ve elaborated on an idea, or researched a topic. Other times, I want it to be a central place for links to other articles, short comments, quickly written posts, alongside my other longer posts.

The ideal separation I have in mind right now is this:

  • Blog - Medium to long form writing. With me putting a good amount of thought into each post.
  • Micro blog - Short form writing, links to interesting things, and also maybe longer personal updates.
  • Dev blog - Updates on personal development projects.
  • Twitter - Anything that really doesn’t fit on a blog.

I think for this to happen, I’d need to do three things:

  • Move all micro posts from my blog to my micro blog.
  • Delete all nonsensical posts from my blog.
  • Potentially move some long form writing from my micro blog to my blog.

I guess the tricky bit will be actually doing all of this. Maybe the best way is to export my entire blog, organise it locally, and import?

Chris Hannah @ChrisHannah