Chris Hannah

Realising that software sometimes requires an internet connection


I’m away this weekend, in Wells-next-the-sea, and although I have my MacBook with me, my only source of internet is a temperamental 4G connection via my phone. It’s made me realise (or maybe remember) the pieces of software that I use which absolutely require an internet connection.

So I think I will be going through them, and making a couple changes. Since, although in most cases you can rely on having a connection. It still feels weird to me that my task manager (Todoist), doesn’t want to work unless I have internet access.

One more problem that I’d like to solve is saving websites to read later. Not via RSS feeds, I have Reeder for that, but I would ideally like a way to save a link from my browser, and then have that page archived locally to my device. I think Feedbin (the RSS service I use) and Reeder both have mechanisms of saving one-off pages for reading later. However, one thing I don’t like about RSS feeds is that by it’s nature, it’s only the raw article contents. Whereas I like to enjoy writing within the context of the website where it was published.

Maybe that’s weird, but I think sometimes extracting the article contents from a website can cause it to lose a bit of personality.

Anyway, that’s enough complaining. I’ve now got to work out how possible this actually is.