• Train programming. [16/365]

  • Login in my app “works”!

    I had to write some generic navigation stuff, and better handling for global errors, but you can at least log in using a token.

    Maybe tomorrow I’ll add the username/password method. Should be simple enough, one API call, and a URL Scheme to accept it.

  • I thought I’d do some more work on my Micro.blog iOS client this evening. So far it can only view the following sections:

    • Timeline
    • Mentions
    • Discover
    • Favourites

    The code however, is probably the best I’ve ever written. I’ve kept it pretty generic, and it’s something that can definitely be expanded upon pretty quickly now.

    What I worked on tonight, was the interface and some of the error handling for the initial login page. I want to support logging in by a Micro.blog username/password, but also by a direct app token.

    It is at the minute, a strict Micro.blog client, because I don’t plan on developing a whole blogging application. However I will look into that decision in the future.

    For now, here’s a preview of the Login page:

  • Work life. [15/365]

  • Sat around with the cat most of the day! [14/365]

  • Went to the British Museum for the Harry Potter exhibition, no photography was allowed inside though. [13/365]

  • Went out for dinner! [12/365]

  • Forever on a train. [11/365]

  • It may seem like a boring score, but it’s better than what usually happens in this type of game. [10/365]

  • Pretty miserable day in London. [9/365]

  • I didn’t do much yesterday, apart from working on some watch stuff for work! [8/365]

  • A nice twist on a good game! [7/365]

  • Chilling with this cat all day! [6/365]

  • The restaurant ran out of cheesecake, so I had another beer for dessert. [5/365]

  • Sitting at my desk all day today. Luckily I have a new BB8 light! 🤖 [4/365]

  • Played really well, but the referee changed the game. [3/365]

  • Back to work as usual. [2/365]

  • I’ve been getting annoyed recently with the amount of simulators I had installed in Xcode at work. But I’ve come across a really simple command that will fix this automatically.

    I had 10.1, 10.2, 11.0. 11.1, and 11.2 installed, which I then reduced to just two of them. Then instead of painfully selecting and deleting each generated simulator, I just typed this:

    fastlane snapshot reset_simulators

    It uses Fastlane’s Snapshot tool, and what it does is delete all of your current simulators, and generate a set of new ones depening on the current SDKs you have installed.

  • Pretty much played World of Warcraft all day today. [1/365]

  • Welcome, 2018. 👋🏻

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