• January Blog Statistics 📈💰

    After signing up my blog for Carbon Ads at the start of January, I’ve just had my first set of earnings calculated!

    Maybe some people wouldn’t make this sort of thing public, but it’s on such a small scale there’s nothing really to hide.

    Here are the stats:

    • 3087 Impressions
    • 5 Clicks
    • 0.162% Overall CTR
    • $7.58 Payout

    So it’s nothing really, but it’s my first ever payment from ads, and my blog costs $10 to run. So it’s not actually far off!

    It’s certainly a motivational push, to make me post more, and better content!

  • I had all these ideas about what new Swift stuff I was going to work on tonight, instead I’ve been playing World of Warcraft. [36/365]

  • Very windy day at the seaside. [35/365]

  • Beer and Football! 🍺 ⚽️ [34/365]

  • Packing again for a weekend away. [33/365]

  • I don’t share. [32/365]

  • A day to remember. [31/365]

  • A day to forget. [30/365]

  • Back to work. [29/365]

  • Typora is a very impressive writing tool. Integrate your own css, and it can feel like you’re writing directly on your blog.

  • I finally finished a book! [28/365]

  • 122 unread posts in my RSS reader. Let’s see how much I can thin that list down, before I start to read them properly.

  • Leaving Berlin! [27/365]

  • Reichstag. [26/365]

  • When in Berlin… [25/365]

  • Brandenburg Gate [24/365]

  • All packed for Berlin. 👝 [23/365]

  • This little gem has got me through packing luggage for the last few years.

    This time, it’s for Berlin! 🇩🇪

  • I didn’t do much development on my app today, only the bare bones of a side menu that will be used to access settings, help, etc.

    I do have a list of features I want to implement though, before beta v0.1. I’ll do a short write up tomorrow, also including the current progress.

  • Just under 2 days until I’m off to Berlin! [22/365]

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