• Just been for dinner at Inamo in Soho, London.

    Very nice food! And the whole table was interactive! So if you wanted to order food, play multiplayer games, check on the chef, or even ask for the bill, you just use the table!

  • The most basic task manager you can get. 📝

  • Henning Wehn has now become my new favourite comedian. 😆 🇩🇪

  • SOLID v1.1 is now available to download (for free) from the App Store!

    Updates including:

    • Standard colours (like true black for the iPhone X)
    • Ability to save custom colours
    • Quickly view hex/rgb representations
    • Different light/dark/black app themes
    • Automatically generated colour names!

    SOLID on the App Store

  • Eddie Redmayne‘s acting in “The Theory of Everything” is just perfection. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • The final build of SOLID v1.1 is done!

    Anything else I add, will be in a future release. 😜

    So it’s now all down to App Review again.

  • 👍

  • Look at this beautiful iOS solid colour wallpaper generator!

  • Some good improvements to SOLID!

    In v1.0, the app was a simple single view that allowed you to manipulate sliders to generate a single colour wallpaper image.

    In v1.1, you will be able to save the colours, and also get access to a couple standard colours, for example an absolute black for the iPhone X.

    This also means that there has to be a list of the saved colours, and that allows for more detail to be shown about each colour.

    I’ve integrated the WaddaColor Swift library, which automatically generates a name for a given colour. That single addition, gives everything a bit more character.

    But also just for the helpfulness, I added in the HEX and RGB representation!

    I’ll be packing this all up now, and shipping it off to the App Store for review!

  • Some good app development going on tonight!


  • My app Qwiki is now 1/3 off!

    Purely because it hasn’t received so much attention recently (except the most recent minor update of course).

    Therefore this discount will last until I release version 1.4. Which means a totally flexible timescale, anywhere between a few weeks and maybe even a couple of months if it’s a huge update!


    Check out:

  • Sometimes I really hate using Xcode.

  • Wow, I did not expect Finland to have it’s own set of emoji. finland.fi/emoji/

  • Just chilling with my friend Bones at work! 💀

  • I just spent my evening making a workflow that requests the top however many movies from IMDB, parses the title, ranking, year, url, and short description, and adds them to Todoist as separate items.

    It was a bit of a pain, especially as there’s a 2 second wait between each Todoist task. But otherwise it kept hitting request limits.

    To make the workflow work properly, you’ll need to get an API token, but there is a link in the workflow for this. Oh, and of course you’ll need Todoist. Unless you just want to change that, but still use the extracted information.

    Workflow: workflow.is/workflows…

    Video of Todoist results: cl.ly/nN9o

  • The sunset in London, and also a few handy reflections. 🌅

  • No new iPhone order for myself today.

    Not really an issue though, because I didn’t even want one.

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