• Vegan pizza. 🍕 [48/365]

  • Everything is pretty cold. [47/365]

  • Managed to find an Arsenal pub in Copenhagen! 🇩🇰 [46/365]

  • Happy Valentines Day ❤️ 🧜🏼‍♀️ [45/365]

  • A very high percentage of my life is spent in train stations. [43/365]

  • In a rare 30 minute burst of development on Slate, I added:

    • Tapping a user’s image, opens their profile.
    • I’m parsing a few extra things, like the user’s bio. So I’ll add that soon.
    • And some minor logic/UI to handle following/unfollowing someone.
  • New shirt arrived today! [43/365]

  • Waffles! [42/365]

  • Happy Gilmore! 🏌️‍♂️ [41/365]

  • Moved desks again at work. 👨🏻‍💻 [40/365]

  • I finally moved my chilli plants to a bigger pot from the small cup they were planted in. [39/365]

  • Always watching. [38/365]

  • Another day of meetings. Luckily I have this view. [37/365]

  • January Blog Statistics 📈💰

    After signing up my blog for Carbon Ads at the start of January, I’ve just had my first set of earnings calculated!

    Maybe some people wouldn’t make this sort of thing public, but it’s on such a small scale there’s nothing really to hide.

    Here are the stats:

    • 3087 Impressions
    • 5 Clicks
    • 0.162% Overall CTR
    • $7.58 Payout

    So it’s nothing really, but it’s my first ever payment from ads, and my blog costs $10 to run. So it’s not actually far off!

    It’s certainly a motivational push, to make me post more, and better content!

  • I had all these ideas about what new Swift stuff I was going to work on tonight, instead I’ve been playing World of Warcraft. [36/365]

  • Very windy day at the seaside. [35/365]

  • Beer and Football! 🍺 ⚽️ [34/365]

  • Packing again for a weekend away. [33/365]

  • I don’t share. [32/365]

  • A day to remember. [31/365]

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